Making a little history

The Lotus Sutra teaches that all beings possess the potential to become a Buddha. To deny someone’s Buddha nature is to deny your own potential for enlightenment as well. Perhaps discrimination against others is a reflection of something we perceive and dislike about ourselves.

The journey to equal rights for the gay community in Colorado has been difficult and is ongoing. 20 years ago Amendment 2 was passed which wrote gay discrimination into the state constitution and earned Colorado the horrible nick name the “Hate State.”

Last year in May, Governor Hickenlooper signed the bill legalizing same-sex civil unions in the state of Colorado at the History Colorado Museum which was a big step in the direction of equality for all people.

This May I had the honor of officiating the union of Kevin and Robert with my wife Rev. Senshin by my side to assist during the ceremony. The venue was the room where the bill was signed at the History Colorado Museum. This couple has waited 15 years to make their vows but their day has finally come. It was a deeply meaningful and emotional ceremony.

Gassho . . .      Doko


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