Our Sangha

Rev. Doko is the Founder and Co-Leader of our Sangha


Rev. Doko Christopher O’Brien moved to Denver more than 15 years ago. Living in Chicago he felt the need to be in a more natural setting and relocated, so he could spend time in the mountains. He felt a deep need to spend time here. He married and had two children, but his first wife died in 2011. He began training to be a Buddhist Priest in the spring of 2010 and was given ordination by his Teacher Ven. Monshin Naamon on the 21st of October, 2012. He is still training to be a lineage holder in his tradition. Doko encourages people to stay very aware so they can learn, especially when times are tough.

Rev. Senshin is the Co-Leader of our Sangha


Rev. Senshin Karina O’Brien is from Denmark. In the beginning of 2013 she moved to Denver and shortly thereafter married Doko. In 2008 Senshin met her teacher Rev. Shomon Pia Trans (Danish Soryo Tendai Priest), and received her Dharma name, which means ‘Devoted Heart’. She started and led a Sangha in Denmark while training for ordination. She was given Doshu ordination in 2012 at the New York temple, alongside Doko. She appreciates the many practices the Tendai School has to offer. As a Sangha leader she focuses on making the Dharma easy for everyone to incorporate into daily life.

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The Tendai School of Buddhism is one of the oldest sects of Japanese Buddhism, established in the 8th Century CE. Throughout its history, beginning in 6th century China and through its 1,200 years in Japan, Tendai has included and harmonized all the Buddhist teachings and practices, including Sutra, Pure Land, Zen, and Tantra. Now Tendai is introduced into the West in an authentic fashion, with the support of Tendai-shu in Japan, honoring this long history and continuing the unfolding of the Dharma in a form that truly expresses our aspiration for enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.